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and Kammas together with all his kinsmen. When the Qutb
Shahi troops broke, the army of Barno (?) Grajapati came to their
rescue. The army of the Kaya, which was defeated, retreated
to the banks of the Narmada (pursued by the victorious
enemy); but Bukka with the help of his followers arrested the
enemy's progress and acquired great glory by putting them to
flight. The Raya who was struck with the courage of Bukka
conferred upon him as jaglr Aravidu and Celamanur yielding
a revenue of 2 lakhs of varahas in addition to the estate fetching
one lakh which he was already enjoying.
Karr&tar&jya VrtfantamU) Journal of the Tel-tigu Academy, X, pp. 194-5.
11.    His son was Purusottama, well beloved of the Earth.
*                  *                  #                  #
13. He struck terror into the hearts of his enemies and
Nrsimha, the king of the Karnata country surrendered
Udayagiri out of fear and thus released himself.
Anantavaram Copper-Plates, 3.ndhra Patrika, Ugadi Sancika, 1928-9, pp. 175-6.
1.    Praise of the solar line of kings.
2.    In the line of the Kaghus, there arose king Kapilendra,
who resembled Rama and was bright like the Sun and
powerful like Isvara.
3.    Other kings were afraid of him in war.
4.    Praise of his queen Parvati.
5.    Parvat! gave birth to Purusottama,  to whom all kings
made obeisance.
6.    Praise of Purusottama's rolour and beauty.
7.    This Purusottama Gajapati   who  is   the subject   of my
praise made the Karnata king- Nrsiinha a prisoner of
war, and again released him when, with plaintive words,
he acknowledged submission 5 he also compelled the
great foe Hamvira to bow before the footstool of his
lotus feet.
Sarasvatjvil&sa.: Adyar Library Jtfs. XXX, L. 14.